• Admission forms to the Pre-Primary class in Jr. K.G. are given out in the month of February .
  • Students who have attended a recognized school before and are seeking admission should produce their certificate from the school which they are leaving .
  • Parents and Guardians should understand that regarding admission they cannot dictate to the Management of the School, which has every right to lay down terms and conditions for admission to this school.
  • New pupils are admitted on payment in advance of admission fees. The amount thus paid cannot be refunded even if the pupil for any reason should leave school immediately after admission.



  • If the pupil is to be withdrawn the office should be intimated in time and fees will have to be paid till the name is withdrawn. School fees are due as long as the name of the pupil is in the register.
  • “Parents or Guardians are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the management and that the management has the right to say on what conditions it will admit or retain pupils in the School.”



  • It is significant that presents know that the payment of fees helps the school in its day-to-day administration. Hence it is very important that parents pay their pupil’s fees on time.
  • The school is unaided institution and all fees should be paid on or before the 10thof the each month.
  • The bank slips are given to the students during the last day of the academic year.Full fees for the holiday months of April and May must be paid in advance in March before the examination begins.
  • Pupils shall not be allowed to appear for the tests/examinations unless all fees due are paid to date.