Boys: Being coloured pant & shirt
Std. I to VII Short & VIII to X full pants. Belts provided by the school.
Girls : Beige coloured dress. Belts provided by the school. Red Colour ribbon or hair band for the hair.


Boys & Girls : June to Oct. black rainy sandles. November to April brown shoes & brown Socks.


Girls & Boys : November to Feb Navey Blue sweaters only.

• It is essential that every student comes to school dressed in his/her school uniform.
• In this school only boys of std. VIII-X will wear long pants.
• Boys should have a short and proper haircut.
• Girls should keep their hair bobbed or plaited with Red hair band or ribbon should be used by girls.
• Long fashionable earrings not permitted.
• Students, without proper school uniform and boys without a proper haircut may be asked to return home during school hours.

Housewise Dress

Boys : Red/Blue/Green/Yellow T-Shirts according to the house allotted.
Girls : Red/Blue/Green/Yellow T-Shirts and Black colour split skirt below the knee length.
I – X : Housewise dress on Friday.