Boys: Being coloured pant & shirt
Std. I to VII Short & VIII to X full pants. Belts provided by the school.
Girls : Beige coloured dress. Belts provided by the school. Red Colour ribbon or hair band for the hair.

Shoes :- Boys & Girls : June to Oct. black rainy sandles. November to April brown shoes & brown Socks.

Sweaters :- Girls & Boys : November to Feb Navy Blue sweaters only.

• It is essential that every student comes to school dressed in his/her school uniform.
• In this school only boys of std. VIII-X will wear long pants.
• Boys should have a short and proper haircut.
• Girls should keep their hair bobbed or plaited with Red hair band or ribbon should be used by girls.
• Long fashionable earrings not permitted.
• Students, without proper school uniform and boys without a proper haircut may be asked to return home during school hours.

Housewise Dress

Boys : Red/Blue/Green/Yellow T-Shirts according to the house allotted.
Girls : Red/Blue/Green/Yellow T-Shirts and Black colour split skirt below the knee length.
I – X : Housewise dress on Friday.

School Stationery

School provides all school materials at the discounted rates in the Rosary Stationery. School materials like notebooks, workbooks, stationery articles, complete uniform, sweaters etc. has made available for the students to avoid non-uniformity.